Toy haul

I’ve spent my monthly allowance! Haha!

The Pawise chew n floss octopus has taken over as Amber’s favourite toy. She spend hours a night throwing it around, rolling on the rug with it, and chewing the tentacles! At only $8 AUD it’s been a great buy. 

Next up we have the famous Kong Wishbone 

The Wishbone has been great for smearing a bit of peanut butter in. I find it easy to clean and it’s very durable. A good indoor toy at $20 AUD. 
Next up is the Cuckoo Bumpies

I LOVE this toy so much. It’s just as durable as the kong Classics and has walls inside so it takes longer to be figured out. I’ve been filling it with dry kibble, and it fits around 1 cup. This was only around $15 AUD and is a great alternative to the Kong Classics.

Overall, Amber was pretty happy with her new toys! (Not quite as happy waiting to play) haha


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